Voting begins 8:00am, Novemebr 8th and ends at 8:00pm


We need a city council that provides value to our citizens and businesses. Comprised of people who can keep services cost effective and protect home values. A city council who respects our historic past while embracing a bright tomorrow. Problem solvers that will actively engage members of the Columbus community, and dedicated to sound fiscal policies, working to keep local taxes as low as possible.

I will fight the 'one-size-fits-all' mentality in some local bureaucrats, who justify new policies, codes, and expenditures with, "It is what the other cities our size are doing....". If elected I will challenge the City of Power and Progress to find the best solutions for the unique needs of Columbus. I will not accept that somewhere else is doing it too, as a suitable justification for any policy or spending.

Right now our city has about a thousand unfilled full-time job openings, at the same time the City is facing a housing shortage. I will fight to remove the regulatory hurdles at the local level to expedite residential expansion in the City. In the long term I will encourage adding more real world experience in development and construction to the City Planning Commission.

In 2006 Columbus voters approved $3,000,000.00 over ten years, of sales tax receipts, be allocated to an Economic Development Plan (LB 840). The intended goal of these funds, to continue "population growth and economic prosperity benefits the quality of life in Columbus". I support the intent of the program. Unfortunately, to date, administration of this program has been objectively a failure, the majority of the major beneficiaries of the plans funds, no longer in the community. I will work for a successful turn-around of the program, or make sure voters have the opportunity to repeal it.

Dealing with government can be both difficult and intimidating. If you require help navigating local bureaucracy, I will be readily accessible and responsive to assist the residents of the second ward in navigating services offered by Columbus.

I am ready to work for you, the residents of Ward 2 and the city that I love. I want to bring my leadership and experience to the City Council. This is why I am running for Columbus City Council. It all starts with your vote for Levi Abbott on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

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Voting Information
Columbus' 2nd Ward

 Polling stations open on Novemebr 8th at 8:00am and close at 8:00pm. If you live in the second ward and want assistance getting to your polling station please contact me.

Elections are the best opportunity for you to make an impact on your community. Get involved in the community, vote on Tuesday, November 8th.

Columbus' second ward is the southwest quadrant of Columbus. It contains most of the historic downtown district as well as US highway 81 frontage through Columbus.

Ward 2 Polling Locations

2A Federated Church 2704 15th Street
2B Knights of Columbus Hall 3115 6th Street
2C Eagles Club Ball Room 3205 12th Street
2D NorthStar Services 2866 48th Ave.
Columbus Map - as PDF
Columbus Nebraska - a map of political subdivision ward 2